Frequently Wondered!

How do I Tikly?
Go ahead & sign up for your free Tikly account at With absolutely no contractual obligations, feel free to use us as often as you see fit to sell tickets directly to your community.

How much do I have to pay to use Tikly?
Tikly loves you & wants to see you succeed. So! We are happy to pass on the full face value of your ticket* & will never ask you to pay a set-up fee.
Remember, these are your tickets.

Tikly adds a fee to each ticket sold, paid by the ticket buyer.
- $1.00 is added to a ticket less than $10
- 10% is added to a ticket between $10 and $75
- $7.50 is added to a ticket over $75

* Tikly covers processing fees for tickets under $100, which means you see the full face value of your ticket when you settle!
For tickets over $100, processing fees are taken out of the settlement. You are always welcome to adjust the ticket price to account for processing fees.

Speaking of payment, what's Dwolla?
We offer this really cool alternative payment method called Dwolla. They are a cash-based payment network and we're proud to be the first ticketing platform to offer Dwolla as a payment option.

How do I get paid from Tikly?
Whenever you like, go ahead and request a settlement from the tickets sold. Whether that be daily, weekly, biweekly, or just at the end of the event, we will respond to your request in a super timely manner.

How do people find out about my events via Tikly?
Our thought is this, you know better than anyone else when it comes to promoting your events. Newsletter, social media, search engine, carrier pigeon - you know how to reach your fans. With this in mind, we do not send out email blasts & create noise. Instead, we provide you a unique URL and the ability to be discovered in our marketplace search.

So if I'm touring, how do I sell my own tickets?
Easy. Add to your booking agreement that you "reserve the right" to sell your own tickets. Most every venue allows for the selling of artist, or fan, tickets.

So if I'm a venue, should I allow artists to sell their own tickets?
Absolutely! The direct-to-fan experience is very valuable & after all, people bring people & people buy food/drinks. Allow the artists to tap into their fanbase, empower them to pack the space.

I have another question...
Great! We would love to hear from you. Go ahead and send an email to or reach out to us via Twitter. We tweet tweets as @tiklyco.

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